Why do I still have a Facebook account?

Migrated Post

So, I got into a fight on social media today regarding the Second Amendment and all the bedwetting emoting of the left over gun ownership today.

An individual that I once served in uniform with and I had a rather profound and unpleasant disagreement (not the first) regarding a major national issue. I won’t go into the specifics, but I will acknowledge what many are thinking:  Bert, you’re making a target of yourself by being on social media!  I disagree, and yes, I’m keeping my FaceBook account.

No, it’s not in this name (a nom de plume…which may someday become a nom de guerre).  However, I only keep a presence on there because there are some friends and family that are on there and it’s the easiest way for them to keep in touch with me.  If not for that, I’d probably have abandoned the venue long ago…or not.  In fact, I very rarely post anything of a partisan nature there any more.

The fact of the matter is, the expectation is that if you are “normal,” then you will have a social media presence.  The more “normal” you are, the larger a presence you have: FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.  Many people of our mindset consider a presence on social media to be a liability, a tool with which The Powers That Be use to keep tabs on you.  They are right.  However, what must also be considered is that not being on social media is a red flag these days.  The trick is being aware of and careful about what you post.  Additionally, one must consider the intelligence value of social media…just because you aren’t posting the consistency of yesterday’s bowel movement or who you’re voting for (not that there’s much difference between the two) doesn’t mean that everyone else isn’t.  You can learn a lot and a keep a finger on the pulse of the sheep herd by watching what is being said or pushed on social media.


So use social media, but be mindful of what you post.  Keep those liberals in your friends list so you know what they are unthinkingly thinking.  It’s a very valuable intelligence tool and not being there may actual place a spotlight on those that are trying to remain “gray.”  Remember that a major component of blending in to the background is being a part of the background noise.