Frank and Fern Bid Farewell – Rumblings From the Horizon

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Sadly, one the better preparedness blogs has closed down shop.  Thoughts from Frank and Fern announced that they were ending their operation to concentrate on getting projects on their homestead completed in anticipation of the world crumbling further.  They’ll be sadly missed by those of us that prep and/or homestead and I wish them the best of luck and God’s grace.


This departure is not unique; I’ve noticed an undercurrent gaining strength not just in the prepper community (I’ve been feeling it myself) but in the “general population” as well that bad things are coming sooner rather than later. While there are many that seem to be waking up to the possibilities of what may come and are beginning to prepare, there are many more that won’t, either because of normalcy bias or simply because they’re afraid of being labelled.  It’s not enough for just us to be ready…the more of our family, our friends, and our communities that are ready, the more ready we ourselves will be.  So reach out, talk to those you care about, especially those that are sitting on the fence, and encourage them to prepare now, while there still is time.


For those of you in the Southeastern area of the country, I encourage you to start building bonds with those around you over at the Southeastern Preppers’ Network.

A Little Bit on the Oregon Situation

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As most of you in the Patriot and Prepper communities are aware there is a situation unfolding in Oregon.

First, I’m going to say unequivocally that I do not support the “militia” that has decided to involve themselves in this action.  As noted over at Sipsey Street Irregulars what we’re seeing here is the manifestation of a “John Brown” complex.

Another thing is that the group contains among it some known valor thieves; This Ain’t Hell discusses these particular morons.

Something else to bear in mind that this “occupation” is not only not supported by organizations such the Three Percenters and Oath Keepers, it is being loudly denounced by them and they are distancing themselves as much as possible.

Bottom line: a group of idiots has chosen a hill to die on, and it’s the wrong friggin’ hill.  Don’t get sucked into the mess that they are creating.

And don’t even get me started on the convenient timing of this for the SCOAMF’s sudden desire for gun confiscation via Executive Order.

Addendum: For a pretty comprehensive view of what’s happening, along with historical background, check out this post over at The Conservative Treehouse.