An Intangible Product of Prepping and Homesteading

Having no homestead of my own, one of my favorite blogs is Rural Revolution.  I get to live vicariously through the wins and losses of homestead life as experienced by the inimitable Patrice Lewis and her modern day frontier family.

Her latest post is really worth reading because, courtesy of one of her commenters at World Net Daily, it exposes a key difference in the mindset of conservatives and progressives and where that divergence takes place:

Some time ago, I came to the realization that, living on a farm, a shortage is that there being no more to be had. A shortage in a city is that you do not have the money to buy more. This artificial view of reality is what makes the progressive possible.

That’s just the teaser, so it’s worth heading over to read the whole piece titled “Links Of A Chain” and getting to the meat (pun intended) of that idea and Patrice’s ruminations on this thesis.