Backwoods Home Says Goodbye to Print

I’ve been a subscriber to Backwoods Home Magazine for a number of years now, and have thoroughly enjoyed their print editions and collected their anthologies.  Sadly, they’ve sent out an email notifying subscribers that they will cease publication of their print version with the November/December 2017 edition.

We have come a long way for a family magazine, but age has crept up on my wife, Lenie, and me, and so has competition from the internet. Although we outlasted all other print magazines in our genre, even the original Mother Earth News, we cannot outlast the internet with its free and endless content. Declining paid print subscriptions have not kept pace with printing and postage costs of a six-times-a-year magazine, so economics has essentially dictated we must close.

Fortunately, they will continue with availability on Kindle…but there’s nothing like reading dead trees.  Additionally, Self-Reliance magazine (published by their children) will remain in print.

Self-Reliance is run by younger, but related, people. Daughter Annie, 34, who longtime BHM subscribers have seen grow up in the pages of BHM, is the managing editor, and son Sam, 22, is the publisher. Self-Reliance caters to a similar audience as BHM, but with more emphasis on the idea that “anyone, whether you live in the city or country, can achieve self-reliance.” It is about to publish its 19th issue.

If you can, take advantage while you have time and collect the Backwoods Home anthologies; they are replete with well-written and timelessly useful information for the prepper or homesteader.

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