“But God Will Provide”

This is something that gets me more irked than a rubber-nosed woodpecker in a petrified forest.  I had been meaning to write a post about it once I had it framed in my head the way that I wanted.  Anyway, now I don’t have to write a long post about this topic, because the Inimitable Patrice Lewis over at Rural Revolution has scribed exactly what I was thinking.

These are the types of people who claim they don’t need to be prepared because “God will provide.” Despite my total belief in God’s mercy and providence, I confess I have no patience with those who refuse to lift a finger toward their own physical safety or survival on the grounds that the Almighty will supply them with whatever they need. I’ve actually heard some people say with a straight face that they have no need to prepare because they’ll be raptured up before things get really hairy.

No offense, folks, but that’s about the stupidest contingency plan I’ve ever heard.

I guess it’s irritating others as well, as John Jacob Schmidt over at Radio Free Redoubt talked about the same thing on his podcast recently and pointed out that a pastor who says that is essentially saying, “Hey, I don’t have to prepare because someone in the congregation will hook me up if I need things.”  In other words, the pastor he was speaking of expects The Lord to provide by means of his “flock” taking care of him because of his status as the pastor.  Some shepherd, huh?

And since I’ve now used “inimitable” twice, that’s going to be how I always refer to Mrs. Lewis on my blog.  When I write about Harry Flashman again, I’ll probably tag him with the sobriquet “the Irascible Harry Flashman“, just because it seems to fit a retired Marine.

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